Russia will build a station on the moon by 2050

Russia will build a station on the moon by 2050

The construction of the Russian lunar station will begin after 2030 and will end in 20 years. Before that will come the preparation and creation of modules of the first such object on the Earth’s satellite, according to “Federal news Agency”.

After you have built the base, energy, laboratory modules, and a radiation shelter and Rover, will begin a manned mission to the moon and construction of the first elements of the station.

In 2040, launched the third phase of the lunar program. Members of the expedition will have to solve the problems in production and utilization of water and oxygen. In addition, to be worked out, producing the necessary elements from local resources.

After 2050, the station will be used to further space exploration. By this time there will be storage of fuel for vehicles, a reusable vehicle, and the extraction of rare resources. The Russian station will support expeditions to deep space, passed