Putin promised to abolish conscription

In Russia will eventually be abolished military conscription, the President said Vladimir Putin. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

“We have to keep in mind that we are gradually moving away from conscription service,” — said the head of state, communicating with members of the national team WorldSkills Russia, which asked whether it was possible to grant the right to alternative service for the new generation of Champions.

The President also recalled the establishment of the country’s scientific mouth. “And now we do, relatively speaking, a technology Park for young specialists who graduated from higher education institutions and can be an alternative and a real military conscription, but using your best knowledge and skills”, — said Putin.

Currently, the term of military service by conscription in Russia is one year.

In February 2012, a few weeks before the presidential election, in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” published an article by Vladimir Putin, who at the time was Chairman of the government on the development of the Armed forces. He wrote that the purpose of government is to create a fully professional army. “However, it is necessary to clearly understand that a professional army is “expensive” army. Preservation of the mixed system of recruitment for the foreseeable future — is a compromise between the tasks and the current capabilities of the country,” — said the then Prime Minister.