Pupils of Omsk boarding school took video of the massacre of a teenager

Omsk police began checking into the beating of a 13-year-old pupil of one of boarding schools of Omsk, according to the regional Department of the MIA on Wednesday, October 25.

The videotaped violence hit the Internet on 24 October. The footage can be seen as lying on the bed of a teenager in turns to jump and strike to it blows by feet and hands a few people. The child cries that he’s hurting, but that does not stop the aggressors.

According to preliminary data, the conflict between the pupil of the correctional boarding school, and four teenagers aged 13 to 17 years occurred on 23 October. After the video appeared online, two older Teens, in beating of boy, ran away from the orphanage. They were immediately declared wanted, but after a few hours returned alone. The victim with the diagnosis “contusion of the left forearm” was taken to the hospital.

As told to “the forest.info” in a press-service UMVD of Omsk, the reason for the massacre was an attempt to punish a teenager for damage to things. “According to the original version, the injured boy came into the room, sat down on his bed, on which lay the headphones of one of these four teenagers, he has damaged that caused the conflict”, — told the police.

The Ministry of education of the region to Agency “Omsk inform” said the children lived together for the past three years, as is customary in institutions of this type, and was characterized positively. “No reasons for a fight, pupils participated in one event on the same day, joked,” the Ministry reported.

The issue of attracting adolescents to administrative responsibility under article 6.1.1. Administrative code (“Beating”) and putting them on preventive care.