Not wishing to become the father of American pregnant girlfriend to drink bleach

Theophilus Washington

A former student of Pennsylvania College, was charged with attempted murder after he confessed that he added bleach to the water in your girls. Reported by the New York Post.

21-year-old Theophilus Washington (Theophilous Washington) gave his girlfriend the second month of pregnancy, the bottle, in which was a chemical. It all happened in the morning in the room of a young man in the Dorm.

After a few SIPS, the young woman felt a burning sensation in the throat, it was sick. The responding doctors were able to save the victim and her unborn baby.

According to Washington, he poured a water bleach, because I didn’t want to be the girl gave birth to a child.

When the crime was committed, the publication does not specify. We only know that the couple had a baby. It is reported that mother and baby are doing well.