Moscow urged the United States to leave the Russian media alone

Moscow urged Washington to give the opportunity to work quietly in the Russian media. This is stated in the statement of the Russian Embassy in the United States.

Materials on теме00:18 — 30 November 2016Dangerous than Hocemo the EU are afraid of Russian propaganda

“The Russian side has repeatedly stated that forcing the Russian media in the United States change status to foreign agent can significantly impede their work. Urge you not to create another irritant in bilateral relations and give the media to work in peace,” according to the Embassy.

The Embassy also noted that the U.S. act on the registration of foreign agents (FARA) is applied selectively and politically motivated, and the pressure on the Russian media does not stop.

20 November it became known that RT refused to register in the U.S. as invagent. According to representatives of the TV company, they will challenge the requirement of American justice.

On 30 September the Ministry of justice sent a notice to several American media about the possibility of including them in the list of registered as foreign agents. Found the media, it is connected with the probable granting of the status of inherent in the United States publications RT and Sputnik.

FARA requires foreign persons or organizations to disclose sources of funding. The act is intended to protect the US public from foreign propaganda.