Iraqi Kurdistan is ready to freeze the results of the referendum

Iraqi Kurdistan is ready to freeze the results of the referendum

MOSCOW, 25 Jul — RIA Novosti. The government of Iraqi Kurdistan has proposed to the government of Iraq to cease fire, to start a dialogue, for its part expressed its willingness to freeze the results of the referendum. This is stated in the statement published on the website of the government of the region.

“To fulfill our obligations to the people of Kurdistan and Iraq, we offer the following to the Iraqi government, Iraqi and world public opinion: 1) an immediate cease-fire and suspend all military operations in Kurdistan, 2) to freeze the results of a referendum held in Iraqi Kurdistan, 3) to initiate an open dialogue between the Kurdistan regional government and Federal government of Iraq on the basis of the Constitution,” the statement said.

According to authorities of Kurdistan, the conflict between the Iraqi forces and the Kurdish armed forces, the Peshmerga, which began on 16 October, “caused damage to both parties and can lead to continuous bloodshed.”

Neither one of the parties, according to Erbil, will not reach victory, and Iraq will be plunged into “turmoil and chaos”.

Conflict Baghdad and Iraqi Kurdistan intensified after September 25, the Kurds held a referendum on independence, not recognized by Iraq.

In mid-October, Iraqi security forces launched an operation to regain control over the territories, occupied by Kurdish armed forces Peshmerga.