In Austria arrested the man who killed 70 Pakistani killer

Austrian police have arrested a 35-year-old Pakistani man, a professional killer, which account for 70 assassinations. It is reported by the Kronen Zeitung.

Atif Z. nicknamed Pakistani Butcher was arrested in a group of illegal immigrants who tried to penetrate from Hungary into Austria. He was taken into custody on the basis of the international warrant of the Interpol.

The capture of the offender was made possible thanks to the coordinating efforts of the Hungarian and Austrian intelligence services, and the work of informants embedded in criminal groups engaged in the transfer of illegal migrants.

On 21 July, The Guardian reported on the list of Interpol, where are 173 potential militant terrorist group “Islamic state”, which can organize terrorist attacks in Europe. The list of potential suicide bombers were drawn up by the American intelligence thanks to data obtained from Syria and Iraq. Further, this information was passed to the FBI and from Interpol.