French SWAT wrong door and stormed the wrong apartment

The staff of the French special forces RAID in the city Em (the region of Nord-pas-de-Calais in the North of the country) mistakenly stormed the wrong apartment. It is reported by La Voix du Nord.

According to the owner of the house, she heard a noise at the front door and decided to see what happens. The Frenchwoman looked through the peephole, but saw nothing. “I took a step back, and this time the door exploded. I only managed to reach the room in which you played my little girl, to grab her, cover her ears and pressed into the chair,” she said.

After the removal of the door to the apartment burst special forces soldiers, who pressed to the floor and handcuffed to the head of the family. “I just had to shout that in the house the little girl,” he says.

After a few minutes, the police realized that the wrong door. They need the apartment is also located on this floor: there was seen an armed man posing with weapons in front of the window. Special forces entered his house, where it was discovered the guns and drugs, and the cause of the stir was taken into custody.

Nevertheless, victims continue to be perplexed. “RAID is an elite unit, they are not an Amateur team. How could they be wrong?” — wonder wife. They argue that in addition to material damage caused by the assault, they had suffered moral damage. They also intend to consult a lawyer about further action.