“To score other this simply from God”

“To score other this simply from God”

The tattoo helps the girl win a rare disease.

A tattoo artist from St. Petersburg, Polina Gaevskaya in an interview with “the Ribbon.ru” has told about search of his own style, against a rare genetic disease and what knowledge and thoughts she tries to put into the heads of the masters.

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About coming to tattoos and sickness

All my life I did not get out of art — painted, made sculptures, designed the advertising, engaged in CG art. The tattoo I came here, to be honest, for a very banal reason — because of Finance. The fact that the work invested in the painting, and the money that is given to the artists, are almost incomparable. Moreover, the prospect in the future remain under the dictatorship of the customer — it is very difficult mentally. With my character it is three times as hard.

But the tattoo was never to me a stupid way of earning money, absolutely never. In my case it was something from the category of meritocracy: when you get sake, which is really decent, for a work in which put absolutely everything. And so that “grandmother, grandmother, I’ll keep the money I earn to itself on treatment in 17 years (I have a serious genetic disease)” — no, this was not. I understand in principle that I as an artist will be very difficult to re-learn c work in seclusion to work with people to develop the necessary communication skills, and a new etiquette.

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I have a rare genetic mutation of the connective tissue — it is called the syndrome of Ehlers-Danlos one of the varieties. This is when the connective tissue in the body begins to rapidly deteriorate after 16 years, and before that age, nothing portends trouble. Collagen is not synthesized, your body simply collapses. To slow this process, it requires serious money.

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Failing exams in art “tower” for a reason, so to speak, of the corruption of the places I, without thinking twice, I bought a set of “Mama I’m a tattoo artist” — Chinese and rather dull. Then I decided that there’s no turning back, smack the skin of other people do not let pride, and about a year I’ve been practicing on myself (no regrets) — before you start working with clients. I knew then all the “cavern” (will kill for another tattoo — ed. “Of the tape.ru”), but the experience will gain invaluable and killed. As a result of the months — minus the skin of the feet and hands to the wrist; where my dashing 16, I would now be folly!