The militants and thousands have fled Syria home

From the territory controlled by the self-proclaimed “Islamic state” has left approximately 5.4 thousand people went to the countries where they came from. This was reported in the study of the American analytical center Soufan Center.

According to experts, over the past two years, 33 States announced the return of citizens who fought in Syria and Iraq. Most people left the countries of Central Asia (over five thousand) and the EU (about five thousand). Thus in the countries of Central Asia has returned only about five hundred people, and Europe holds the record for the number of “returnees” — 1200. In Russia — 400.

Previously on 24 October, the Russian defense Ministry reported that under the control of terrorists in Syria, only five percent of the country. On 17 October the Arab-Kurdish “Democratic forces of Syria” (DSS) is completely cleared of militants Raqqa is an ancient city, which for several years was the self-proclaimed capital and one of the main strongholds of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).