In Iran sentenced to death the agent of “Mossad”

A court in Iran has sentenced to death a man convicted of giving information to Israel that led to the killing of several senior nuclear scientists. About it reports Reuters.

“This man has had several meetings with [the agents of the Israeli intelligence Agency] Mossad and provided them with confidential information on military and nuclear objects of Iran in exchange for money and living in Sweden,” said the Prosecutor, Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi. The name of the convict is not reported.

19 may 2013 it was reported that Tehran executed two Iranian nationals convicted of spying in favor of foreign States. One of those executed was convicted of transmitting intelligence to Israel and the other the United States.

Mohammad heydari (Heydari Mohammad) and Koroush Ahmadi (Koroush Ahmadi) was hanged. Heydari, according to Iranian authorities, has repeatedly passed the “Mossad” secret information on security issues, for which they received a cash award and Ahmadi gave the Central intelligence Agency, U.S. secret information “on various topics”.