Hackers attacked the website of “Interfax” and demanded a ransom in bitcoins

Hackers attacked the website of “Interfax” and demanded a ransom in bitcoins

The website of the information Agency “Interfax” was inaccessible after the hacker attacks. The attackers blocked the employees ‘ computers and demand ransom in bitcoins.

Information Agency “Interfax” was attacked by hackers, its website was broken, told RBC in the press service of the company. For unlocking computers, the Agency’s hackers demand a ransom in bitcoin, the sources said.

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“We were under attack. Experts are working to resolve the problem. The details we don’t know,” said RBC in the press service “Interfax”. Answering the question of whether demanded bitcoins hackers, the press service said that don’t know anything about it.

The source of RBC in “Interfax” reported that the work site was broken at about 14:20.

In a social network “Vkontakte”, the Agency reported that the technical services are working to restore the system. “Due to the viral attack any failures in the servers of Interfax. Currently, the technical service shall take all steps to restore operation of systems. We apologize to readers to subscribers!” — stated in the message.

At the time of publication of the material on the Agency website was unavailable.

In social networks, the Agency has published pictures of the screens of their computers. They see the text, according to which the hackers demand a ransom in bitcoins. While the name of the virus, blocking computers — Bad Rabbit.

The amount of ransom for each computer is 0.05 bitcoin (more than 16 thousand rubles at the rate of 24 October). After receiving the amount of the ransom, the attackers promise to pass a password to access information.

“The point is that the virus is launched on the server. And all the computers, respectively, connected to it. Therefore, to get could any”, — explained the source of RBC. Currently, the engineers turned off the primary server and trying to connect to the backup.