American couple accidentally taken 28 pounds of marijuana

A couple from Orlando (Florida, USA) accidentally received in your order from the online store Amazon 28 pounds of marijuana. It is reported by the TV station WFTV.

According to buyers, they ordered an empty plastic box. “They were very heavy, much heavier than would have been empty containers,” — said received a cannabis client, who wished to remain anonymous.

Police seized marijuana and started an investigation. She found out that the boxes brought to the courier company UPS warehouse in Massachusetts.

Buyers entered into correspondence with Amazon and got a gift card for $ 150 as compensation. “Had no concerns about the safety of the customers. It could go under the worst scenario,” — said victims.

At the Federal level, marijuana is banned in the US, but many States have their own legislation regulating its turnover. In Florida, for example, allowed its use only as directed by your doctor, and in Massachusetts that delivered the container, it is fully legalized.