The science Board criticized the decision of the HAC in Medina

The science Board criticized the decision of the HAC in Medina

The Council on science under the Ministry of education and science issued a statement which “expressed deep concern” about the decision of the Presidium of the Higher attestation Commission on the conservation of Vladimir Medinsky degree of doctor of science.

A statement published on the website of the Council.

“The Council of science of Ministry of education expresses its deep concern unmotivated decision of the session of humanitarian and social Sciences of the Presidium of the HAC, to preserve the degree of doctor of historical Sciences Vladimir Medinsky, despite the reasoned conclusion of the expert Council of VAK of the history”, — the document says.

The authors note that when considering thesis have been violated the procedure stipulated by the Ministry of education No. 568: “there should be established an expert group member of the Presidium of higher attestation Commission expert Council on history, which is necessary in case of divergence of their positions”, which was not done.

Council for science encourages the Plenum of the HAC to overturn the decision of the Bureau and to establish an independent expert Committee that will prepare a “reasoned opinion” on the statement on deprivation of a scientific degree of the Medina and check out the testimonies on violations of procedure.