The resident of Omsk had to refuel the ambulance at their own expense

A resident of Omsk Elena Perfilieva told about the requirement on the part of ambulance staff to pay for fueling of the vehicle to deliver his father from the village to the hospital. She wrote about this on Monday, October 23, in a public “state of emergency Omsk” in “Vkontakte”.

As explained by the girl father, who lives in the village Katerli Kolosovsky district of the region was bad: “was bleeding internally, needed urgent hospitalization”. But to call an ambulance failed: “We were told that the only ambulance is in disrepair and no gasoline.” Doctors asked to pay for the fuel, threatening to reach the patient.

In the end, her parents paid 500 rubles to my father was taken to the hospital. “But there are no syringes, no medicines, no doctors. In an ugly state medicine in the villages! A complete mess!” — posted by Perfilieva.

The Ministry of health of the Omsk region, the newspaper FlashSiberia reported that on this fact being tested, assigned to the investigation.

Earlier Penza investigators began checking the message on refusal of ambulance workers of the city of Zarechny to send a team to the accident scene, which was shot down by a nine year old boy. According to preliminary data, the doctors said that it was not their territory.