The Ministry proposed to introduce into the school curriculum developed in the ROC course

The Ministry of education and science of Russia received a request from representatives of the parent community, who proposed to introduce in the school curriculum training a course called “Moral foundations of family life”, was developed by representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). About this newspaper “Kommersant” said the head of the Association of parental committees and communities Olga Letkova.

She noted that the proposal was forwarded to the Deputy Minister of education and science Tatiana Sinugina. Letkova indicated that the initiative was perceived positively. “This question arises not for the first time, but the Deputy Minister said that now it is timely and reasonable,” she added.

According to the authors, the rate for high school students will help students to learn “basic family values inherent in the national culture” and prepare them “to create a strong happy family with many children”. The developers of the course are the Yekaterinburg Dmitry Moiseev priest and nun Sredneuralskaya convent Nina (Krygina). First lessons about family values in Russian schools started in 2009 at several pilot regions. By 2017, the course implemented in 60 regions of Russia, the newspaper reminds.

Also the article says that in 2015, the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church has appealed to the Ministry with a request to make a course mandatory for students.

In November 2016 in the media appeared information that the Ministry of education is considering the possibility of mass implementation in schools of the subject “Orthodox culture” at the initiative of the Russian Orthodox Church. According to the developers of the course, the graduate of the ninth grade have to know the names of the seven Ecumenical councils and to describe the adopted solutions, navigate the calendar, to enumerate the twelve, passing and neperehodimyh Orthodox holidays, as well as list and describe the types of Church bells and bells. Later this information was refuted.

With 2012 the majority of Russian schools introduced the course of basics of religious culture and secular ethics, which includes modules on basic practiced in the country religions: “fundamentals of Orthodox culture”, “fundamentals of Islamic culture” “bases of Judaic culture” “Bases of Buddhist culture”, “basics of world religious cultures”, “fundamentals of secular ethics”. Students together with their parents must choose one of them.