The attack on a leading “Echo of Moscow”. Generalization

The attack on a leading “Echo of Moscow”. Generalization

Monday, October 23, a man broke into the editorial office of “Echo of Moscow” and was wounded leading Tatiana Felgengauer with a knife in the throat.

Moscow. 23 Oct. INTERFAX.RU — IN Monday’s edition of “Echo of Moscow” the Deputy editor-in-chief Tatyana Felgenhauer was attacked.

Armed with a knife man, passing the guard at the entrance of an office building on Novy Arbat, climbed to the editor and caused the journalist stabbed in the neck. The lead immediately after the attack was hospitalized in the Sklifosovsky research Institute.

About 16 hours it became known that she was operated on and transferred to the room. According to the chief editor of “echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov, after the operation the victim is in an induced coma and on a lung.

The doctors said that the stab blow was serious, Tatiana is now in an induced coma and on lung ventilation.Alexei Venediktov

“According to the doctors, in this state she will stay until tomorrow. Tomorrow the doctors will decide what treatment to apply to it and how serious the consequences of inflicted injuries”, — said Venediktov.

The attacker was detained by security service of the radio station and handed over to police. According to preliminary data, his name is Boris grits. The last time he lived in Israel.

According to a source, the attack on the journalist was not related to her professional activities and it is a personal motive. In the video posted on Telegram-channel radio station, the detainee explained the reasons for its action: “Motivated (attack the journalist — if) that two months, she pursued me”. He also claimed that about five years “was in telepathic contact with a journalist”. “Every night, using the telepathic link gave me,” said the detainee.

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As it turned out, grits kept a diary on the platform for blogging is wordpress. The author of the diary, in his account also claims that the journalist engaged in “telepathic communication” and accuses of persecution and harassment. He refers to the colleagues and relatives of the journalist to act on it to protect it from its alleged harmful effects. 14 Sep grits wrote that “if this goes on, the consequences can be very unpleasant.”

The result on Tuesday plans to appeal to court with the petition for arrest of the detainee. The main investigation Department of insurance in Moscow opened a criminal case against 48-year-old man under article “Attempt at murder”.

The General Prosecutor’s office of Russia called blatant the attack on the employee of “echo of Moscow” Tatiana Felgengauer and assured to have the situation under control.