Reveals the connection between vegetarianism and racism

Racists, in particular, the supporters of the supremacy of the white race have a tendency to vegetarianism and veganism. It is reported by VICE News.

To the study of journalists prompted a large number of abandoned meat American Nazis. This phenomenon is explained by the ideology of “blood and soil”, which is inherent in movement. It was popularized by the head of the Main office SS for race and settlement Richard darré who also held the post of Minister of food in the 1930-ies.

He believed that for the Germans it is extremely important racial heritage (“blood”) and communication with earth (“soil”). That is the phrase “blood and soil” shouted the white nationalists during the riots in American Charlottesville. They romanticize the relationship of people with nature and living organisms, vegetarianism is a way to show their racial superiority.

In the Nazi party, the ruling party of Nazi Germany was its wing “green” — they acted for the protection of nature, the production of organic products and the protection of forests and animals. Ultra-conservationists, such as in Australia after the Second world war.

That is, say the journalists with reference to numerous neo-Nazi web sites and channels, for racist vegetarianism is a conscious ethical choice that matches the way not sickly weakling pacifist, and the mighty Aryan warrior.