Leading “Echo of Moscow” accused Soloviev of provocation of the attack on Felgenhauer

Kseniya Larina

Commentator of radio station “Echo of Moscow” Ksenia Larina published a post in Facebook, which criticized the TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov for provocative remarks about her colleagues.

“Now at work. Solovyov wanted, cattle. Who says, shut up their filthy mouths? There were volunteers,” she said indignantly, attaching to post photos from the scene of the attack on journalist Tatyana Felgenhauer.

In the comments under the post Facebook users supported Larin, noting that the woman is absolutely right, and nightingales supposedly happy with the attack on Felgenhauer. “Almost inciting” — said one of the subscribers.

“Whipping up hatred where it will lead. Tanya one of the victims “solovevschiny”. Speedy recovery to her. Pray for her,” promised the other.

Most users also wished Felgenhauer recovery and moral support of employees of “Echo of Moscow”. “You are all we need,” announced they.

At the same time Solovyov himself on Twitter was outraged by the organization of security at the radio station. “Why is such a crime possible? If Echo there is no money, it is necessary for the state to provide protection,” urged the host.

Vladimir Soloviev (@VRSoloviev)
23 October 2017, 10:38

The attack on Felgenhauer was committed in the premises of the radio station “Echo of Moscow” in the afternoon of 23 October. The man broke into the editorial office past the guards, stabbed her in the neck and was arrested. According to preliminary data, is an Israeli citizen Boris grits. His action, the man explained “psychic harassment” on the part of Ukraine.