Krasnoyarsk deputies will discuss the advice of colleagues “follow the market”

Lyudmila Magomedova

The behavior of the head of the Committee on education, culture and sport of legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk region Lyudmila Magomedova (“United Russia”), which advised a colleague to “follow the market”, we can talk in the near future. It is reported RIA Novosti on Monday, October 23.

“Of course, the question about the ethics of conduct of any Deputy, regardless of factional affiliation, deserves careful consideration”, — said the speaker of the regional Parliament Dmitry Sviridov.

He noted that the emotions of deputies during the discussion of complex issues sometimes gush over the edge, but the “unfortunate incident” will not affect the atmosphere in the Parliament. “The nineteenth of October was a busy session — election of the Chairman of the legislative Assembly, the first Deputy, the adjustment of the regional budget and about 50 issues,” — said the speaker.

19 October session of Parliament, Magomedov, responded to the remark of the colleague from the party “Patriots of Russia” Ivan Serebryakov “follow the market”. Then she turned off the microphone and said, “so, honestly, (inaudible) unhappy”. The video of the meeting was published on the Internet. Some users of social networks and journalists heard in the difficult phrase obscene word.

Magomedov was one of the initiators of the bill on raising the salaries of local parliamentarians from 100 to 200 thousand rubles. The document was adopted in the summer, and then cancelled after much publicity in the media.