Japan is afraid of the “critical threats” from North Korea

Threats from North Korea rose to a critical level. This was stated by the Minister of defence of Japan, Itsunori of Onodera, according to Reuters.

According to him, the danger posed by Pyongyang has reached “unprecedented and imminent” scale. “So we have to take a calibrated and varied responses to cope with the threat level”, — said Onodera.

20 October, the representative of the Department of North America of the foreign Ministry of North Korea We hake Zen said that the President of the United States Donald trump is playing the “nuclear football.” “He [trump] has in its possession thousands of atomic bombs, and he has the power to destroy the entire world today,” said North Korean diplomat, speaking at the Moscow nonproliferation conference. According to him, the “nuclear triad the United States has always aimed at North Korea”.

Two weeks previously, experts have published an estimate showing that, in the event of a nuclear conflict between the DPRK and Japan and South Korea. Its victims can become more than two million people.

Estimates are based on the fact that Pyongyang has 25 nuclear warheads for ballistic missiles and uses them all against South Korea and Japan at the same time. Defined and power of warheads — from 15 to 250 kilotons. According to the worst option, simultaneously will die of 2.1 million people, various injuries will receive up to 7.7 million.