In spite of the prohibitions: the secret life of Indonesian nudists

In spite of the prohibitions: the secret life of Indonesian nudists

How do you feel nudists in a country where modesty is highly valued, and the appearance in public in the Nude is strictly prohibited? An employee of the Indonesian service bi-Bi-si Clara Rondonuwu met with some members of the nudist community, to find answers to these questions.

Aditya takes me in his kitchen completely naked. In the same way he prepares dinner — a casserole of crab, eggs and Chinese cabbage.

“I love to do everything naked, including cooking, he says. — It gives me great pleasure to be naked, no matter what I do. I feel better and more confident without clothes”. Actually Aditya is seriously in danger and therefore doesn’t want his real name became known.

The majority of the population of Indonesia is Muslim, and the country has strict laws against pornography, which equated nudism.

And yet he regularly meets with four nudists, but behind closed doors. “If we showed up naked in the street, we would immediately put behind bars,” he says.

Aditya became a devotee of nudism in 2007.

“I read a lot online about the history of nudism and really like it. It seemed to me that this is exactly what I’m looking for in life,” he says. He has established links with like-minded people. In Jakarta nudists or naturists as they prefer to call themselves, United in an informal group of 10 or 15 people. Among them are women, and men.

Aditya believes that nudity promotes a stronger relationship between people. “We can be ourselves. Our body, though it can sometimes be ugly or even ugly, says nothing about us as a person. It’s just nudity”.

Aditya dreams to visit countries where there is a nudist colony, for example, in France, where one would not be surprised by his choice of lifestyle.

The laws of Indonesia prohibit the appearance in public in the Nude, but that does not mean that nudists are forced to hide forever.