In road accident with bus in the Leningrad region, 17 people injured

The accident involving a bus and a passenger car in the Leningrad region, 17 people injured, including one child. On Monday, 23 October, reports TASS with reference to the regional Directorate of the MOE.

As explained to Agency in the regional STSI, the accident occurred late last night on the 90th kilometer of the highway “Narva” in the Volosovsky area. “The driver born in 1963, driving a bus “Mercedes”, made collision with the car “Ford”, after which both vehicles flew into the ditch”, — explained in the police.

For liquidation of consequences of accident on the spot was directed operational group of the local fire and rescue of the garrison. The cause of the accident is not yet specified. Thus, as noted TASS, on Sunday evening in St. Petersburg and the region the first snow fell.

On Sunday it became known that in the Yaroslavl region on 187-m kilometre of Federal road “Kholmogory” a bus carrying children’s hockey team “locomotive 2008”, collided with two cars. At the time of accident the bus was carrying 28 people, including 21 children. As a result, the passengers were not injured, the driver received medical treatment at the scene.