In Japan suffered a disaster of the Russian vessel

In Japan suffered a disaster of the Russian vessel

TOKYO, October 23 — RIA Novosti, Ivan Zakharchenko. Russian Real ship from the far East port of Zarubino have crashed last night during a Typhoon in the port of Fushiki of Toyama Prefecture on the Japan sea coast, none of the 19 crew members were not injured, reported Monday RIA Novosti by telephone Deputy Director of local administration of the coast guard Yutaka of Canada.

According to him, the cargo ship by a strong wind and the waves were thrown into the concrete block of the breakwater and lifeguards due to the Typhoon, it was impossible to reach the distressed vessel.

After some time, 18 people from the vessel have reached the shore, and one man — chief engineer — were saved by the coastguards.

The cargo ship with a displacement of 1,798 tons during the Typhoon was located in the port of Fushiki without cargo, said the Deputy Director of the office of the coast guard.

“All 19 people are now in the office of their agent in the city of Toyama,” he said. According to Canady, “medical care they need, the chief engineer of the ship a little complaining about pain in his leg, but to the doctor he refused to go.

Lan Typhoon struck the main Japanese island of Honshu the day before and raged through the night in Tokyo. According to summary data of the Japanese media, at least one person was killed, about 90 injured in various parts of Japan. As informs the main meteorological management of Japan, the wind speed during a Typhoon in places reached 198 miles per hour.