I think dogs you make faces? Yes, you are right!

I think dogs you make faces? Yes, you are right!

A group of scientists from the University of Portsmouth (UK) October 19, published a report which said that dogs use facial expressions to make contact with the person.

Previously it was believed that their expression is involuntary emotional expression, not a deliberate action aimed at social interaction with the person.

The study involved 24 dogs of different breeds and different ages. The subjects ran into the room where the man was standing. The experiment were several scenarios: the person or looked at the dog, or was to her back; in the room was treats for dogs; in one scenario, the food was not.

Scientists took pictures of the dogs throughout the experiment. It turned out that mimic the movement of the dog was more active when people pay attention to the animal than when the participant of the experiment was to her back. Scientists emphasize that dogs used facial expressions to communicate, not to manipulate — treat weakly affect the behavior of the animal.

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The study showed that dogs have a specific set of facial movements. For example, many dogs raised eyebrows, to soften people. By these movements of the muscles of the animal’s eyes looked larger, and the look became sad. Previously, scientists from Portsmouth conducted a study which found that in shelters, people often notice dogs that are actively using facial expressions.

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Scientists emphasize that it is impossible to decipher or that mimic the movement of the dog. “We don’t know whether dogs understand that they can influence our behavior through facial expressions,” says one of the study’s authors Julian Kaminski.

Anya Shpilkovskaya