Hawking posted his doctoral thesis in the open access

Hawking posted his doctoral thesis in the open access

British physicist Stephen Hawking laid out in open access doctoral dissertation, which he defended in 1966.

Text available on the website of the archive of the University of Cambridge.

In his dissertation Hawking has considered the implications of the expansion of the Universe, the theory of gravitation, speculation about the reasons for the formation of galaxies and proved the inevitability of a singularity in cosmological models.

According to the staff of the archive, the thesis was one of the most popular works to be placed in the public domain, she received hundreds of queries.

Besides, now everyone who was defending a thesis in Cambridge will be required to provide digital versions of the text, and putting some papers in open access will be encouraged.

“It’s amazing that so many people already want to download my thesis, I hope they’re not disappointed that I finally got access to it,” commented Hawking.

The scientist hopes that the publication of the work will help to increase interest in cosmology and dissemination of scientific knowledge: “I hope that it will inspire people worldwide to see the stars, not under your feet.”