For the first time in 26 years, the nuclear bombers, the US can lead the embattled


Military-air forces of the USA for the first time since 1991, begin to bring their nuclear B-52 bombers on alert. This General USAF David Golvan told Defence One.

Galfan, said that official orders to bring the bombers on 24-hour combat readiness has not yet been reported, but the training on this direction is already underway.

He pointed out that in a world where “there are people who are openly talking about using nuclear weapons, it is important to stay alert and to think of new ways to be prepared for different scenarios”.

“This is not a bipolar world, where there is only USA and the USSR. There are other players with nuclear capabilities,” added Golfan.

Thus the General did not name specific countries with nuclear capabilities which could face US, however, the material mentions “fast-paced nuclear Arsenal of North Korea and the confrontation of the US President Donald trump with Pyongyang,” and “increasingly powerful Russian armed forces.”

Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is an American multipurpose heavy long range Intercontinental strategic bomber-missile carrier of the second generation, standing on the armament of the U.S. air force since 1955. At subsonic speeds at altitudes up to 15 kilometers he is able to carry different types of weapons, including nuclear. The main task for which the B-52 was designed to deliver two nuclear bombs of great power to any point of the USSR.