Director James Tobeka accused of assaulting 38 girls

Director James Tobeka accused of assaulting 38 girls

Allegations of harassment in the address of Hollywood Director James Tobeka made 38 girls, reports the Los Angeles Times, citing the victims themselves. According to them, the man acquainted with them on the street, in parks, banks or pharmacies in Manhattan offered to “make new stars” of Hollywood.

According to the newspaper, Mr. Tobak boasted of his connections in Hollywood, and then invited the women to listen to his hotel room, where he molested them and asked obscene questions. The Director himself denied all charges and said that he could not do such a thing because of health problems.

James Toback acted as Director, screenwriter or producer in over a dozen films, including “Black and white” with Robert Downey Jr. and Claudia Schiffer. Earlier in the assault was accused of another Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

In early October, the Weinstein Company officially fired Harvey Weinstein after the scandalous publication in The New York Times about a long-term sexual harassment to employees of the company and the Actresses. Mr. Weinstein was accused of spreading rumors his brother Bob Weinstein.