Browder revoked American visa

William Browder

The head of Hermitage Capital William Browder in his Twitter reported that the U.S. government revoked his visa.

A Brit in the comment to former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul said that this happened at the same time making Russia his name in the list of Interpol.

22 October it became known that Moscow has used a “loophole that would allow countries unilaterally to place people in its database to request arrest” and is himself made the head of Hermitage Capital in the Interpol database. While Browder said The Guardian, received an email letter from the us Department of homeland security, which reported the cancellation of his membership of simplified entry into the United States.

Hermitage Capital operated in Russia from 1996 to 2006. In 2005, Browder was denied entry into the country, and later it was in absentia sentenced to nine years on charges of tax evasion. Later it was reported that the Fund was engaged in lobbying of the Magnitsky act in the U.S. Congress. The document adopted in 2012 provides for introduction of sanctions against individuals suspected of involvement in the death of Hermitage Capital lawyer Sergei Magnitsky in a Moscow jail.

Background: the British media have reported making Russia Browder on the Interpol database