At Baikonur began anti-terrorist exercises

At Baikonur began anti-terrorist exercises

In the city of Baikonur (Kyzylorda region of Kazakhstan) in the night of Monday began anti-terrorist exercises “Storm — Baikonur 2017”, informed “Interfax” a source at the cosmodrome.

The first phase of the exercise takes place in the form of the command-staff exercises, during which the city administration and law enforcement agencies, deployed operational headquarters, worked through their collaboration and urban governance in conditions of terrorist attack.

Parallel “security forces” conduct local exercises in their units, learn to collect on command “Alarm” and simulate their actions within the anti-terrorist activities, said the Agency interlocutor.

“Hot” phase of the exercise should begin on October 25 with the “capture” of administrative building of the branch of “TsENKI” — “Space center “South” (located in the Central square of the city) conventional terrorists. It is expected to hold talks with “terrorists”, a collection of resources for implementation of their demands and the military operation to release “hostages”. The exercises will finish on 27 October,” — said the source.