About 30 people were poisoned in the Tomsk region with meat-eaters

About 30 people were poisoned in the Tomsk region with meat-eaters

TOMSK, October 23. /TASS/. The villagers Ketiga verkhneketsky district of the Tomsk region ate smoked bear meat infected with trichinosis as a result, 16 people were hospitalized, including two children. TASS said Monday the employee of the Single dispatcher service of the district.

According to him, the first treatment in a medical institution was 11 Oct. What kind of the poisoning is still unknown.

“The fact of poisoning is confirmed. 12 people hospitalized, one victim taken to Tomsk in clinic SSMU. All under the supervision there are 17 people. The victims discovered the trichinosis. The district identified 29 cases of poisoning,” said officer EDDS verkhneketsky district.

In the regional Rospotrebnadzor confirmed the fact of poisoning, but promised to report all the circumstances subsequently.

A source in the district administration told TASS that five people were transferred for treatment at the clinic in Tomsk, Siberian state medical University, 11 people, including two children, are in Verkhneketsky district hospital.

Trichinosis is transmitted from animals to humans by eating infected meat and the first time may resemble the flu or a cold. The person feels a weakness, the temperature rises, there is often a malaise. The symptoms appear after 10-20 days after eating meat of sick animals, but in some cases, the acute course of the disease may be visible on the second or third day. The treatment of trichinosis has not yet been developed.