These countries-a record for the number of space debris

These countries-a record for the number of space debris

Experts have named the countries that leave more debris in low earth orbit. As Business Insider reports, the leader in this list was the US: the share of the country accounted 3999 large fragments.

Russia was in second place (3961 conventional unit of space debris), the third position is China (3475 units). According to the publication, in orbit there are more than 14 thousand fragments of destroyed satellites, space stations, and rockets. Every day their number increases.

Experts do not exclude that in the future accumulation of space debris can lead to the so-called Kessler syndrome: due to a large number of foreign objects in orbit can be difficult with the location of the spacecraft.

In the summer of 2017 scholars from the EU proposed to use to build space debris magnetic pushers. Under the project, the collector space debris should contain chilled to cryogenic temperatures, the superconducting electromagnets. The orientation of the tow will be effected by the magnetic field of the Earth. Currently, the debris in low earth orbit is not removed.