The Syrian Kurds took control of the largest oil field in the country

Arab-Kurdish military forces of the “Democratic forces of Syria” (DSS) with the support of the US air force became the largest in Syria oil field Omar, previously captured by militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). About it reports Reuters.

It is noted that the Syrian army stopped 10 kilometres from the Deposit. The lobster, located on the Eastern Bank of the Euphrates near the border with Iraq, is the main source of income for the militants of the “Islamic state” in the country.

On 14 October, government forces backed by the Russian VKS stormed the town of Mayadin, located to the West of Omar. This city of Raqqa after the environment became the de facto capital of ISIS in Syria.

According to the Agency, the government army supported by Iran and Russia, and the forces of the GCC, supported by the United States, occur in parallel in the direction of oil and gas fields in the province of Deir ez-Zor. So, at the end of September the Arab-Kurdish became the largest in the province gas field — Conoco.