The head of the CIA told about the plans to piss off your Agency

Mike Pompeo

The head of the CIA Mike Pompeo said he plans to make his Department “more evil”, reports the South China Morning Post.

He explained that this is due to the nuclear missile program of the DPRK. According to him, the US should accept that the government of Kim Jong-UN is on the verge of creating a missile capable of striking targets on American soil, and work to prevent it.

“If Kim needs to disappear, given the history of the CIA, I’m not going to talk about it, Pompeo said in response to the question about the physical elimination of the North Korean leader. — It is not useful for our Department.”

Glava authority has said that it intends to restore the field mission agents.

In April 2017, the national security Council under the President of the United States presented the Donald Trump scenario of countering the DPRK’s nuclear programme. In it, as journalists found out, one option is physical removal of Kim Jong-UN, as well as the deployment of nuclear bombs South of the 38th parallel.

In September 2016, the Minister of defence of the Republic of Korea Han Min Koo at the meeting of the Parliament confirmed that the South Korean elite troops are poised to eliminate the leader of the DPRK in the event of a threat of use of nuclear weapons. According to him, such a plan exists, but can only be applied in the worst situation.