Resting on the warm asphalt of the Saratov workers laugh social networks

The network distributed a photograph of the Saratov road workers lay fresh asphalt. The image was published in the community “Saratov online” in “Vkontakte”.

In the comments under the photo, the members of the group suggested that the asphalt is probably warm, and cold outside, so lying down on it nicely. “Bask,” said one user.

Others poironizirovat over the quality of work: “Every saratovec obliged to lie down on fresh asphalt. Otherwise, after the first rain, the asphalt is washed away and won’t be possible.” Others recalled that the laying of asphalt is hard work, and compared with other classes, “And also deputies in the Duma are after the law, just as journalists expelled, so as not been removed. All the rules”. The fourth laughed about recreation conditions: “Not enough rosettes, so that the phone charge”.