Poroshenko promised to seek the input of peacekeepers to Donbass

Petro Poroshenko

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko promised to seek the input of UN peacekeepers in the Donbass. Such a statement he made during a visit to the plant, said in a statement on its website.

“I do everything to ensure that peacekeepers were in the Donbass. And this means that in the Donbass cease fire. This means that we, together, brought peace in the Donbass”, — assured Poroshenko. According to him, peacekeepers will be able to take control of the uncontrolled section of the Ukrainian-Russian border.

In addition, Poroshenko said that in 2015, it was proposed to introduce UN peacekeepers into the region. In 2017, said the President of Ukraine, his country supports “the vast majority of countries of the UN.”

The Ukrainian leader told the residents of Avdiivka that will do everything in his power to keep Ukrainian land came to the world. “A world in which very much needs Ukraine”, — he stressed.

On 11 September the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has invited German Chancellor Angela Merkel to place UN peacekeepers not just along the disengagement line in Donbass, as well as “other places where the SMM, the OSCE conducts its inspection trip”.

On 5 September a resolution on the peacekeepers by order of the President of Russia in the UN security Council has made Moscow. The proposal suggests placing the mission on the demarcation line between the militias of the unrecognized republics and Armed forces of Ukraine.