Perm authorities refused to resettle blind veteran of a collapsing house

A veteran of the great Patriotic war Antonin Bacurin lives in a dilapidated wooden house with no amenities in the village of Shchuchye lake in the Oktyabrsky district of Perm Krai. Regional officials do not give blind 92-year-old retired new apartment and are motivated by the fact that his living space is too big and does not allow to recognize a veteran in need of housing. About it said journalist Igor Pies.

19 Oct appeared on YouTube a video in which Pies talks about the conditions of life Bachurina. According to him, the elderly man and his wife lost their vision and are unable to serve themselves. To the toilet blind people have to walk in the yard. Caring for them was their son, the housework and sometimes help the local people and the head of the village.

“The last time I had it, there was a very heavy impression. I still do not believe and will never believe that not one of the last veterans to make a normal living conditions. He must have a toilet, because it is a humiliation when a blind person is forced to run hell where,” says the journalist in the video. In conversation with he said that in the house Bachurina apart the furnace and rotted floors.

In the administration of the settlement, the newspaper reported that they have no well-appointed apartment houses. The power of the Oktyabrsky district was unable to provide operational review portal.

In early October, his apartment did not wait for the great Patriotic war veteran Vladimir Ruchkin. After 12 years of struggle for the new housing he died at his rotten emergency house in the suburban village of Isakovo.