In the United States recognized the inadequate strategy of confrontation with Russia and China

In the United States recognized the inadequate strategy of confrontation with Russia and China

WASHINGTON, 22 Oct — RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanovsky. The U.S. strategy for potential military confrontation with Russia or China inadequate to the newly coming competition of the great powers, the Pentagon needs a change in approach in military planning, the report says the us Center for strategic and budgetary assessments (CSBA).

Experts offer the Pentagon a number of traditional approaches, including the regional mobile force of deterrence and the development of a military concept for an information space. In addition, they openly call for the creation of systems of land-based nuclear capabilities, as warned Russia directly violates existing Russian-us agreements.

CSBA — the Washington expert centre specialised research on the US military budget and suggesting recommendations for politicians and the military in the formation of defense strategy.

New competition of the great powers

The authors of the report make it clear that the US cannot count on the undivided domination of the world since the last time revives the rivalry of the great powers.

“Relations between the United States and other great powers can be seen as a competition in which both China and Russia intend to change regional and international norms in its favor, partly by undermining US influence in their region. Their military strategies are evolving and now include actions in peace time”, — the report says.

Experts believe that China and Russia can get a military advantage non-military means: diplomacy, informational, and economic actions and military operations of low intensity which will not lead to large-scale conflict with the United States.

“The strategy of Russia and China trying to achieve their goals without a significant escalation, so the planned scenario of the Ministry of defense should reflect the military operations of low intensity, which do not reach the level of conflict, which was traditionally prepared for the U.S. forces. Simply put, when the great powers-the aggressors are going to avoid a pretext for intense, large-scale military response of the United States, continues to attention in military planning in the Pentagon to past large-scale wars of attrition can lead to the creation of the armed forces, which will be optimized not for the war that you want,” — warn the authors.

“Desert storm” against China and Russia will not pass

According to the authors of the report, the US “stuck” in the era of the first war in the Persian Gulf. In 1993 was adopted the concept of military construction, which included that the United States will be able to simultaneously participate in two major military conflicts on a regional scale. Speaking of such conflicts, the us military imagined operations “the Storm in desert”, during which the coalition with the predominant participation of the United States was technically inferior to her defeated Iraqi forces and freed the occupied Iraq Emirate Kuwait. But this approach has long been outdated, say the authors.