Forecasters expect night frosts in most of the regions of Russia

Forecasters expect night frosts in most of the regions of Russia

MOSCOW, October 22. /TASS/. Weather service regions of the Central Federal district predict a frost on the night of October 23. In many regions the expected rain, sleet and fog, according to the unit of Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring.

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The Urals and the far East would be at risk — it is expected squally wind, storm warning is declared. In some regions of Siberia — unexpected warming up to plus 20 degrees.

Central Federal district

According to the forecasts of meteorologists, on 22 October on the territory of the Central Federal district mostly expected to decrease temperatures during the day to plus 5 degrees, only in the southern regions the thermometer will show up to 9 degrees Celsius. At night — frost everywhere.

The most noticeable cold will come the night of Monday in the Ivanovo, Lipetsk, Smolensk, Tver, Yaroslavl regions is forecast to minus 5 degrees. One degree warmer will be in Belgorod, Bryansk, Vladimir, Kaluga, Kursk, Kaluga, Tambov, Tula and Orel. There, according to the data centres of meteorology, is expected to be 3-4 degrees below zero at night, up to 5-7 degrees Celsius.

Most complex weather conditions are expected in the Voronezh region. According to the information of regional centre for Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring, the afternoon of October 22 at a temperature of 3-8 degrees above zero in some places will be a little rain and sleet. And at night the temperature will range from plus 3 to minus two degrees, which will lead to the formation of black ice on the roads. “Night and morning in places of possible fog, combined with sleet and ice that can increase the risk of accidents on the roads of local and Federal significance”, — said the emergency Department of the Voronezh region.

About icy roads and warned in the emergency Department in the Ryazan region. Throughout the region the temperature will fall at night to minus 1-3 degrees, but rain is not expected.

Weather in the Urals

In the Sverdlovsk region was declared a storm warning due to strong winds with gusts up to 25 m/s, the press service of the regional emergency Department said that the storm warning was directed to municipalities and organizations. Squally winds brought to the Middle Urals cold day, colder to minus 1 degree, and in the North of the Sverdlovsk region and Yekaterinburg, the snow fell, some places on the roads formed snow plaque. The traffic police ask drivers to be careful on the roads due to icy conditions.

Similar weather conditions are in the Chelyabinsk region. “The southern Urals are gradually coming winter, albeit not a calendar. Steady weather with the temperature “swings” (transition from positive temperatures to negative and Vice versa — approx. TASS) is always fraught with specific risks and threats for the population, for example, the increase in the number of accidents on the roads of different importance. So last night division Chelyabinsk fire rescue garrison took part in liquidation of consequences of a major accident in Argayashsky municipal district, which claimed the lives of five people,” — said Sunday in a press-service of the regional emergency Department.