Family values carry to school

Family values carry to school

“The moral foundations of family life” can be included in the compulsory program.

As it became known “Kommersant”, was developed by representatives of the ROC training course “Moral foundations of family life” can be included in the school curriculum. With such offer the Ministry of education asked the representatives of the parent community. The Ministry initiative was “well received” and add a course must be considered — perhaps on one of the next meetings of the academic methodological Association for General education.

The decision to consider the possibility to include the course “Moral foundations of family life” in the school curriculum in the Ministry of education has adopted following the meeting, Deputy Minister of education and science Tatyana Sinugina with the head of the Association of parental committees and communities Olga Ledovoi, which gave a proposal of parents to officials. “Overall, our initiative is welcomed, — said “Kommersant” the lady Letkova.— This question arises not for the first time, but the Deputy Minister said that now it is timely and reasonable.”

Training course for high school students, “the Moral foundations of family life”, according to the authors, will help students to learn “basic family values inherent in the national culture” and prepare them “to create a strong happy family with many children”.

The developers of the course — Yekaterinburg Dmitry Moiseev priest and nun Sredneuralskaya convent Nina (Krygina). First lessons about family values in Russian schools started in 2009 at several pilot regions. By 2017, the course implemented in 60 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Now the course is taught or in other subjects such as social studies, or electives, including at the expense of classroom hours.

In 2015, the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church has appealed to the Ministry of education and science with a request to make a course mandatory for students. “We need to try all available means to change the moral state of our society, — said Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov TASS.— School education is a crutch that is given to parents through which they could empower children and prepare them for adult life”.

Support of the former leadership of the Ministry of education, this idea has not received. Now, according to Olga Ledovoi, agreed that the issue of inclusion of the course on family values in the school curriculum will be considered in November, on one of the next meetings of the academic methodological Association on education in the Russian Academy of education.