Brazilian soccer player was offended by the abandoned Ukrainian “black monkey”


Brazilian striker of FC “Zarya” Paulinho criticized racism and alcoholism in Ukraine. He told this in an interview with R7.

“Ukraine is a very cold country, people here drink a lot. It is quite common to see on the street of drunk people every day,” said the player.

According to Paulino, Ukraine, widespread racism: “Usually people look at you differently when you walk down the street or eat in the restaurant.”

The Brazilian also said that once when he was walking with his wife, the woman on the street called him a “black monkey”. “I already knew the language and understood what she said. It later turned out that she lives in the same house with us,” said the striker.

At the moment, Paulinho is not playing for Zorya because of disagreements with the club management. The striker’s contract with the team last until January 2018.

On 27 September the German football club “Teutonia 05” dismissed the Director General of EMA Berta, who publicly said the Nazi salute. He shouted “Sieg Heil!” at the postgame press conference.