An armed man took hostages at the British Nuneaton

In the British town of Nuneaton armed man took hostages in a shopping centre. It is reported by The Sun with reference to the reports of eyewitnesses.

The local police confirmed the incident. In the district entertainment centre, Bermuda Park now employs about 30 guards, above the building flies a helicopter. Witnesses say that the man keeps at least two people in a bowling alley.

The police asked citizens not to approach the scene. Witnesses said that can’t leave neighboring buildings.

The causes of the incident are being investigated.

On 20 October in Wroclaw Will Carpathian province located in the South-East of Poland, a man with a knife attacked visitors to the shopping center “VIVO”. As a result one person was lost, eight more got wounds. According to witnesses, the attacker entered the building and began to strike blows with a knife.