Zamatovskii traces of rape mares, a resident of Bashkortostan burned the farm

In the Bashkir village Oracledecimal man raped Mare on the farm. Noticing that his actions were in the CCTV camera lens, he knocked her over and caused a fire in a warehouse of hay. About the incident described in the public “Discussion of our Salavat” in “Vkontakte”.

Attached to the text screens with the video, which depicted leaning against the horse’s back, people, as well as the date and time. According to him, the incident occurred the afternoon of October 3.

As noted in the text, the malefactor was found and detained the guards, establishing the cause of the fire and viewed from this end of the footage.

Zoophyte, which, as pointed out by the author of the post, there is a relationship with a girl, was released pending trial.

Confirm information about the incident to the local law enforcement has failed. On the website of the regional Central Board MOE information about the fire there.

October 19, the European media reported on the special brothels in Serbia, representing clients the opportunity to have sex with cows, goats, sheep and donkeys. For a fee, the owners of these establishments conduct video recording of the process of intercourse with animals.