Under the Ekaterinburg doctors have forgotten in the body of the patient a piece of rubber

The staff of the surgical Department of Berezovsky’s Central city hospital in Sverdlovsk region have forgotten in the body operated women fragment glove drainage, with whom she was held three months. This was reported on the website of the investigative Department of SK of Russia in the region.

In June, the woman went in for surgery during which she was installed glove drainage, which then, according to medics, was shot, after which the woman was discharged from the hospital.

After a while she felt the health deterioration and operating the seam is not healed. She again went to the hospital, but the medical care the woman was refused because the doctors were unable to find any pathology.

In September she noticed a foreign object, like a fragment of rubber, and then she turned back to the medical facility where surgical she had extracted a fragment of the glove of the drainage. The incident was possible because the medical aid of inadequate quality, and mounted her glove drain was removed entirely, I believe in law enforcement.

In fact the incident is conducted investigation verification.