The Vienna police stormed the toy store for the girl in the ninja suit

In Vienna the police stormed the store to verify the identity of the promoter in the ninja suit. It is reported by the Kronen Zeitung.

In Austria in October, entered into force a law banning the wearing of garments covering the face, including the burqa, the burqa and the niqab.

Eyewitnesses immediately reported the promoter with a closed face to the police. The guards arrived at the scene and broke into the store of Lego, forcing him to remove the mask with a dispenser of leaflets. It turned out that it was a girl.

Later the police said that the covering of the face was due to professional necessity, therefore, of a violation of law had occurred.

On 10 October the fine was sentenced, the promoter, the shark costume touting the network computer stores. The police several times asked him to remove the mask, but he refused to obey. After the man was prosecuted.

The ban on clothing covering the face was one of the points of the new law on the integration of migrants. According to him on 1 October in Austria do not wear the burqa, the burqa and niqabs, as well as medical and masquerade masks. Offenders are fined 150 euros.