The state Duma will consider the law giving smartphone owners the rights of cops

The government of Russia in the Duma introduced a bill, giving smartphone owners certain rights the cops. This is stated on the website of the Cabinet on Friday, October 20.

According to the document, on the basis of the data submitted “people’s inspectors” will be possible in certain cases to impose penalties without drawing up an administrative report.

Currently, the law stipulates that reports from citizens information may only serve as grounds for instituting administrative proceedings. “Consideration of these claims entails significant time and resource costs of employees of the state traffic Inspectorate in the process of proving the circumstances of the offence”, — stated in the message on the government website.

In the case of the bill, in order to become a fighter offenders be required to register on the portal and purchase a gadget with the function of video recording and the ability to install specialized software.

The necessary amendments to the provisions of the Code of administrative offences was developed in the Ministry of interior on behalf of the President of Russia and was approved at the government meeting on 5 October.