The Russian foreign Ministry pointed to the irresponsibility of trump’s position on Iran

The Russian foreign Ministry pointed to the irresponsibility of trump’s position on Iran

In Russia believe the irresponsible decision of U.S. President Donald trump, who has not confirmed to Congress compliance with the Iran nuclear agreement. On Saturday, October 21, stated Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Ryabkov, reports TASS.

“It is with great regret was compelled to observe that the positive dynamics of the implementation of the agreement has not deterred the President of the United States Donald trump does not confirm to the Congress fulfilling their part of the bargain,” said the diplomat, stressing that this decision is irresponsible including in relation to the international community.

Ryabkov added that the United States, in his opinion, not yet ready to organize a joint meeting of Iran and “six” (five permanent members of the UN security Council and Germany).

Also, the diplomat noted that Washington “once again took the issues of global security and stability hostage to certain market processes, given the issues on the mercy and consideration of politicians, figures who, by and large, far from a substantial part of the existing agreement”.

On 14 October, trump announced its willingness to reconsider nuclear deal with Iran. According to him, Iran does not comply with the requirements of the contract, he will receive appropriate representation in Congress.

The agreement on the settlement of the longstanding problem of the Iranian atom has been achieved by the Islamic Republic and the sextet of international mediators on 14 July 2015. Adopted a joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD), which removes Iran’s previously imposed economic and financial sanctions by the UN security Council, US and EU. The plan came into effect on 16 January 2016.