The Brazilian student was shot called him a stinker classmates

In the Brazilian city of Goiania 14-year-old opened fire in a school shooting two classmates, and four people were injured. Reported by the Daily Mail.

It is known that the child’s father serves in the military police. It had teen and took the gun that was hidden in a backpack and brought to school, and then opened fire on the reverse.

A classmate of the murderer said that he had a grudge against classmates because they called him stinky because of non-use of deodorant.

5 Sep shooting occurred in a suburban school in Ivanteevka. A pupil of the ninth class attacked the teacher with a kitchen cleaver. Then the teenager began to shoot from the Pneumatics and detonated homemade firecrackers. Trying to escape, three teenagers jumped out the window. The teacher received a traumatic brain injury, one of the students broke his spine. The student was charged with hooliganism and attempted murder.