Saakashvili proposed a reform plan of Ukraine for 70 days

Saakashvili proposed a reform plan of Ukraine for 70 days

KIEV, October 21. /TASS/. The ex-President of Georgia, the leader of the “movement new forces,” Saakashvili proposed a plan of reforms for Ukraine for 70 days. He outlined it on Saturday night on Constitution square near the Verkhovna Rada during the briefing, which was organized by the soldiers of the military operation in the Donbass, the correspondent of TASS from the event.

“I propose the Verkhovna Rada “Plan 70 days” about how to change Ukraine session in five weeks,” he said. In addition, Saakashvili stated that the country should prepare for “Ukraine without Poroshenko”.

“At the first session week Parliament should change the political system in the country to adopt a law on impeachment of the President, the deprivation of immunity of deputies of the moment, and also to adopt the law on the oligarchs. Our goal — the struggle with the oligarchs, the main representative of which is Poroshenko. They should be deprived of control of television and politics,” Saakashvili said.

In addition, it offers to create new courts, to introduce legislation “absolute prohibition enforcement agencies to exert pressure on the business.”

The leader of the “movement” suggests to cancel also adopted at this week’s medical reform and create “quality health insurance”. “I’ve done this in Georgia, I know how to do it. For 70 days in the country, you can change all”, — Saakashvili said.

He also proposed to bring outside Kiev Parliament building and the presidential administration. His plan was supported by the participants of the Veche. Saakashvili also called on his supporters Sunday at noon to enter new rally — “independence reforms”.

A mass protest near the Verkhovna Rada began on Tuesday morning. The organizers of the demonstration were made by several opposition political forces — the party “Samopomich”, “Batkivschyna”, “movement new forces”, “5.10”, a number of right-wing organizations “Freedom”, “national body” and banned in Russia “Right sector”, and also joined some members of Parliament from the ruling “block of Petro Poroshenko.

During the campaign there were several collisions of its participants with the police. The protesters demanded the abolition of parliamentary immunity, the creation of an anti-corruption court and changing the electoral law.