Putin speculate about things worse than nuclear bombs

With the development of new technologies, mankind will enter a difficult period of its existence, but the youth should not forget about the moral and ethical bases of their chosen profession. On Saturday, October 21, stated the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the world festival of youth and students, reports “Interfax”.

He cited the example of the sphere of genetic engineering, which extends the capabilities of pharmacology and changes the genetic code for congenital diseases. But this process has another component, he said.

“The person gets the opportunity to go into genetic code, or created nature, or, as they say people with religious beliefs, the Lord God,” Putin said. This means that humanity can create people with certain characteristics, he said.

“And what I just said could be worse than a nuclear bomb”, — said Putin. “It may be a brilliant mathematician, a musician, but it could be military, a man who can fight without fear, without pain and compassion,” added the head of state.

But at any activity a person should never forget about the moral and ethical basis of the selected case, Putin stressed. “Everything we do must be good people, to strengthen the human, not destroy it. And this is what I want to wish you”, he concluded.

15 Oct opened in Sochi XIX world festival of youth and students. The event is held in Russia for the third time. In 1957 and 1985 he was welcomed by Moscow, which is now limited to the parade of delegates on October 14.